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Best Audio Intercom Reviews

You want the best audio intercom as a safety device when you’re on the move. More simply, an audio intercom helps you communicate with other people in your immediate environment. There are a variety of intercoms available out there, but here are three types for your consideration:


What is the Best Audio Intercom to buy in 2017?

Shark Motorcycle Audio Shkmbt88i Snowmobile Bluetooth Multi Interphone Headsets Intercom/h3>

Shark Motorcycle Audios Shkmbt88i Snowmobile Bluetooth Multi Interphone Headsets Intercom Set (Black)

This sleek black audio intercom set is primarily designed to offer wireless hands-free communication between motorcyclists. Just pair the headsets with two separate riders, or between rider and pillion on the same bike. In fact, the intercoms works when three interphones are paired at any one time and you can easily switch to any two of them. As long as you have a Bluetooth-equipped mobile phone or a MP3 Stereo music device, you’ll be able to use this intercom on the go. With an intercom range of 500 meters, the intercom is accessible and user-friendly for drivers and passengers using the road.

The long battery life received special mention from customers. The intercom battery life lasted up to 7 hours, often longer than their phone battery. Also, motorcycle riders and passengers could communicate well with each other. They could even use the intercom to talk on the phone without the other end recognising that they were on the road. Equally, there were users who reported that the device arrived damaged, or became damaged soon after. People were concerned about the overall quality of the intercom set. Particularly, many noticed background noises that disrupted conversations.

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Panasonic KX-TG4742B DECT 6.0 Cordless Phone with Answering System

Panasonic KX-TG4742B DECT 6.0 Cordless Phone with Answering System, Black, 2 Handsets

This black landline system comes in various options: you can choose to buy 1 to 5 cordless headsets along with it. The phone works equally well as an intercom system in the home or office. It relies on DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Communication), a type of cordless voice interface that transmits sounds. For your convenience and ease, the phone set features an amplified handset volume with a dedicated volume key so you can adjust the volume accordingly. As it uses a single line, installation and use is easy to route and manage. A digital answering machine is included with purchase.

Plus points of this phone include the newer, sleeker hardware and the accessible controls, especially the volume button, which was located on the side of the handset. Furthermore, the volume of the phone and the intercom was loud enough to hear and had a good range. However, there were real issues with the customer service offered by the company, which adversely affected consumers’ experience of this product. Also, the phone set broke easily and users reported hearing squealing feedback during calls.

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Philips AVENT Basic Baby Monitor

Philips AVENT Basic Baby Monitor with DECT Technology

This dedicated baby monitor is essential to have in the nursery and around the home. With one end in the nursery, the baby monitor set includes a sleek parent unit that you can keep in the bedroom. Like the Philips phone set, it features DECT Technology. You will be able to hear any cries or noises clearly and sharply around the house, which should alert you. This is a user-friendly product that comes with over a hundred channels for you to use.

Users who were pleased with this product cited the fact that there was little to no interference from other devices. In addition, the device could still be used in the event of a power outage as it could be powered by batteries. The intercom had a good range and provided great sound quality. On the other hand, it appeared not to work for some reviewers. There were also reports that the blue light strobe was too bright and distracting, while there was some sound emitted just as the device was turned on, which put off some customers.

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Buying the Best Audio Intercom

It appears that we have a mixed bag of audio intercoms, with each product having pros and cons. However, the Shark Motorcycle Audio Shkmbt88i Snowmobile Bluetooth Multi Interphone Headsets Intercom takes top spot due to the relatively high number of positive feedback it received. The best audio intercom you’ll find will provide reliable service and ensure decent voice quality. }

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