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Best Budget Band Saw Reviews

While woodworking can be quite addictive for an enthusiast, one cannot deny it is a rather expensive hobby – hence the need for the best budget band saw. The old saying goes that when looking for precision in wood cutting, there is no better tool for cutting curves than band saws. There are generally two types of band saws, the floor-standing models and the shorter units for mounting on a table top.

What is the Best Budget Band Saw to buy in 2017?

POWERTEC BS900 Band Saw, 9-Inch

POWERTEC BS900 Band Saw, 9-Inch

The patented blade guard adjustment on this POWERTEC BS900 Band Saw allows for quick and easy blade change. It has a table with rack and pinion adjustment for easy tilt to 45 degrees as well as a blade tracking window. This power tool also has a patented quick release blade tension level which makes blade changing easy. Its blade width range of 1/8-inch to 3/8-inch increases versatility for scroll cutting and resawing.
Customers appear to be pleased with their purchase as they sing praises of POWERTEC’s quality in reflection to its brand name. Many also mentioned that this product was well made and is easy to assemble as they could have it up and running within 15 minutes. One or two reviewers mentioned that they didn’t use this saw to cut anything more that 3-4” thick but they think this band saw works fantastic with thinner pieces of wood. One reviewer gave helpful tips that this saw uses 62.25” blades and not the 59.26” blades recommended by Amazon. Others praised the durability of this saw regardless of frequent use as it still works great for such an inexpensive price.
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Jet 708718R Band Saw Rip Fence With Resaw Guide

Jet 708718R Band Saw Rip Fence With Resaw Guide

Looking for a band saw with resaw guide? The Jet 708718R Band Saw Rip Fence With Resaw Guide fits just the bill as it has an 18” rip fence with resaw guide. This unit fits Jet 14” band saws as well as 2 18” guide bars. Its sturdy painted aluminum fence makes this a great product with low-friction plastic contact points. Every purchase of this product comes non-inclusive of a band saw but has a one-year long warranty.
Its durability is definitely something to commend about as many reviewers expressed how they’ve had it for over a year and yet this band saw still works fine. One reviewer mentioned that the fence is a miniature version of that found on the Jet 10” contractors style saw but is built tough and easy to adjust. They praised how accurate the fence scale is with its micro adjust pointer that can bring the accuracy of your cuts to within a 32nd of an inch. Another commented that this purchase comes with a resaw block. One consumer pointed out a minor issue with this product that adjusting the height above fence at the rear is a function of where one sets the sliding pad with the hex nut one puts on.
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DEWALT DWM120K 10 Amp 5-inch Deep Cut Portable Band Saw Kit

DEWALT DWM120K 10 Amp 5-Inch Deep Cut Portable Band Saw Kit

Labeled as one of the industry’s best 10 amp motor designed with controlled power to withstand any jobsite application, the DEWALT DWM120K 10 Amp 5-inch Deep Cut Portable Band Saw Kit is not only a quality product but also an inexpensive purchase. With 5” deep cut capacity for round or rectangular stock, it also has serviceable steel shroud and rubber bumpers that allow guards to withstand jobsite abuse without damage. Equipped with LED sight light, this saw enables users to see cut line in the event of a dark jobsite environment. The integrated hang hook allows users to hand the saw without damaging the front handle or castings. Available with variable speed dial, its user has the freedom to vary the speed for specific materials and various applications.
Loved by customers, the DEWALT band saw definitely has impressive performance. They also loved the variable speed for cutting up of different materials. A reviewer commented that the band saw is sturdy and powerful. The shadow of the LED light that is mounted directly behind the blade can be used as a cutting guide when placed in a vertical position. Although this product can be improved in several areas such as the threads in the frame could be more solid and the case a little inferior in quality – it works perfectly in terms of functionality. With a customer review of 4.5 out of 5 stars, this band saw is the one for you if your woodworking projects require cutting of steel.
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Buying the Best Budget Band Saw

In a nutshell, band saws are great additions to your workspace if you need to cut small objects or resaw thin strips from larger pieces of wood. Among this three, the POWERTEC is undoubtedly a great power tool that performs 100% at a fraction of the price of its competitors. If you are looking for a band saw rip fence, the Jet 708718R is the ideal purchase. Adding extra bucks on your purchase can give you a better quality band saw with the DEWALT model that is undoubtedly among the best budget band saw you can find.

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