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Best Budget Winch Reviews

Whether it’s for hauling a boat up a trailer or getting an ATV out of the mud, a winch will be one of the best tools you can ever have to do the job. There’s no need for top dollar winches for these light duty work, as the best budget winches can do the job just as efficiently. There are a few choices that you can opt for but the most common in the budget section are manual and electric winches with load ratings between 600 to 2000 lb. Here are three examples and reviews of the winches in question.

What is the Best Budget Winch to buy in 2017?

Superwinch 1220210 LT2000 Utility 12 VDC winch, 2000lb/907kg

Superwinch 1220210 LT2000 Utility 12 VDC winch, 2000lb/907kg, 6ft/1.8m hand-held remote control

An electric winch can gives great pulling power as well as relieving the operator of any actual pulling work, unlike the manual winch. The winch’s 12 volt 1 horsepower motor is designed and able to pull up to 2000 lb.. One of the major downside is that it does not have a braking function, a useful feature if you want to stop midway and not have the object creeping back down.
This particular model is well reviewed, albeit mostly by people who doesn’t actually use them regularly. The 6 ft. electrical leads are a little on the short side, and the connectors can be a hassle to put on and take off. These things however are to be expected for a budget electric winch and people have found great usability for it as a spare or light duty winch.
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Master Lock 2953AT 12-Volt DC Portable Winch

Master Lock 2953AT 12-Volt DC Portable Winch

The handle makes it clear that it is a portable winch, but it can also be installed permanently onto many fixtures quite easily. The winch is rated at 2000 lb. for dragging, 6000 lb. for rolling wheeled vehicles, and 5000 lb. for loads pulled through water such as boats. No reverse for this winch, only a clutch release which is not recommended when the cable is under tension.

Reviewers are generally pleased by how much weight the Master Lock can pull, but the noise level and very slow speed (a compromise for pulling power) are appalling for many of them. The supplied 20 ft. power cable is more than enough to connect the winch to the 12 volt battery at the front, and you can comfortably control the winch from the driver’s seat thanks to the 9 ft. long controller cable. A hand crank is also provided for the occasional case where you need to pull a load too great for the motor or if the motor burns out, but make sure you have all day.
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Reese Towpower 74329 Winch

Reese Towpower 74329 Winch

It’s a simple manual hind winch, rated at 1500 lb. and with a 20 ft. strap and cable. It utilizes a ratchet and it locks the winch in either direction of your choice or set it to neutral to allow the winch to spin freely. The bearings are of the permanent type for extra reliability and longevity, and are of course lubricated.
Many compliments are made for the heavy duty look and feel of the winch despite the thin strap. The strap have been known to fail in some cases, so users are advised to replace it with a more robust 2 in. strap, with bigger hooks for better practicality. The pulling power is quite accurate and reliable, and poses no problems when used as a boat winch.
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Buying the Best Budget Winch

There is no clear winner as all three have their advantages. While cheap, powerful and fast, the Superwinch falls short on reliability. The similarly priced Master Lock may have the best pull, but it may be too slow for most applications, not to mention very noisy. The manual winch is the most reliable, but its reliance on human power and its construction limits its load rating. All three have their advantages, and the best budget winch can only be determined by how you will be putting them to use.

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