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Best Compost Bin Reviews

The best compost bin is an important investment for you to start composting habits in your home. Composting is a sustainable, green way to get rid of organic waste and nurture your garden. Among the things you should consider before purchasing a compost bin are the size of your garden and the amount of space you have there, the volume of composting you require and whether you plan to do hot or cold composting. To get you started, here are three options:


What is the Best Compost Bin to buy in 2017?

Bosmere K767 Compost Bin

Bosmere K767 11 Cubic Foot Compost Bin

Not only does this bin help store your compost, it is also made of 100% recyclable material. Primarily designed and constructed as a composter for yard and kitchen waster, this compost bin has an 11 cubic feet capacity for household compost. It is easy to assemble and store and includes oxygen vents to aid aerobic decomposition. Also, the bin comes with an access panel for convenient access to compost material during harvesting.

This product was easy to assemble and could be used immediately upon arrival. The excellent lid system received special mention, as it worked well to trap odors and contain compost. Many users have had positive experiences with this compost bin, and they noted that pests were not a problem. On the downside, some people were concerned that the bin looked flimsy once it was set up. It was also difficult to access the compost at the bottom of the bin.

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Simplehuman Stainless Steel Compost Pail

simplehuman Compost Pail, Stainless Steel

Unlike the other compost bins, this bin is made of stainless steel, a durable material that also helps minimize odors. The bin also comes with special odorsorb filters, which are natural charcoal filters mounted under the lid to eliminate odors. These disposable filters can be used daily for odor control. Moreover, the bin comes with a ventilated removable lid, with the patterned vents along the lid allowing air circulation. With a comfortable bamboo handle, this compost bin can be carried around the house as you collect food scrapes. For storage and ease of access, simply hang the lid anywhere outside or indoors.

Reviewers were very pleased with the quality of this compost bin, particularly the materials it was made of. The bamboo handle offered a firm grip and the stainless steel body was durable and firm. The compost bin was of the right capacity for home use and it worked well to store compost in. Take note that fruit flies are a particular bane of this product, especially if you use the filters.

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Fiskars Consumer 57056935 Eco Compost Bin

Fiskars 5705 75-Gallon Eco Bin Collapsible Composter

This plain black bin has a 75-gallon capacity, which is more than enough for a family of four. Like other composting bin, this product is ideal for composting organic material of plant and animal origin. The compost yield can then be used to fertilize and condition soil in your garden. In terms of the design, this bin has a collapsible, spring-loaded design so you can store it inconspicuously outside while still providing easy access to compost. Furthermore, the compost bin features an open bottom that allows worms and other microorganisms to catalyse the breakdown of your compost. Meanwhile, the round shape of the bin functions to distribute heat evenly during the process of decomposition, while the mesh walls increase airflow for optimum rates of aerobic decomposition.

The stand-out features of this compost bin include its light weight and ease of use. Customers could move it around their large gardens and could access the compost easily. Also the lid stayed on despite high winds. However, there were complaints that the compost bin did not stand upright and often tipped over. Pests such as squirrels were also reported.

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Buying the Best Compost Bin

There is no doubt that the Simplehuman Stainless Steel Compost Pail is the ideal compost bin for your home. Whether you’re a first-time composter or a regular, buying the best compost bin will provide a pleasant composting experience from start to finish.

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