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Best Compost Bin Reviews

The best compost bin is essentially one that makes composting more pleasant, clean, and convenient that you would expect. Look for a sturdy unit that eliminates the general drawbacks of composting such as the stench, critter invasions, unsightliness, and the like. Here are three models to consider:

What is the Best Compost Bin to buy in 2017?

Bosmere K767 11 Cubic Foot Compost Bin

Bosmere K767 11 Cubic Foot Compost Bin

The Bosmere K767 11 Cubic Foot Compost Bin efficiently composts your yard waste and plant-source kitchen scraps into useful nutrients for your garden. In keeping with the notion of minimizing waste and caring for the environment, this unit is made from 100% recycled materials. It can be assembled with ease and can accommodate up to 11 cubic feet of waste. The bin is well-ventilated to enable good oxygen flow throughout the access panel, speeding up the process so you can harvest its goodness sooner.
Assembling this unit doesn’t require any fasteners or tools as the parts snap together in place. Some users find this to be a simple task but others have difficulty with it. Users also like the large capacity of the bin as it ensures a constant supply of compost, although its size makes turning compost quite literally a tall order. Also, some note that the unit’s lid and bottom aren’t secured, allowing rodents and other pests easy access. This can be fixed with a bungee cord and mesh wiring.
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Simplehuman Stainless Steel Compost Pail

simplehuman Compost Pail, Stainless Steel

The Simplehuman Stainless Steel Compost Pail is designed to provide naturally stink-free composting, with its natural charcoal odor-absorbing filters which can be mounted under the lid; one is sufficient for everyday use, for extra-heavy duty composting, using two filters is recommended. A ventilated lid is also incorporated to facilitate air flow thus reducing odors. This sturdy unit is constructed from stainless steel and has a bamboo handle for convenient portability. The pail also has a hook on its lid so you can securely suspend the lid along its rim.
Reviewers like the inconspicuous, sleek look of the unit as it fits in nicely with the décor in most kitchens, isn’t unsightly, and is a cinch to clean. Users vouch for the odor control feature; most report that their bins do not attract fruit flies, but this experience wasn’t shared by all. Those who did have a fruit fly problem found that the ventilation pores in the lid gave the pests much liberty to come and go as they please. Some suggest keeping the pail in a cool place. Many are also satisfied with the sturdiness and longevity of this model. Some find the unit quite pricey but many say its quality justifies the money spent.
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Fiskars 5705 75-Gallon Eco Bin Collapsible Composter


Fiskars 5705 75-Gallon Eco Bin Collapsible Composter

The Fiskars 5705 75-Gallon Eco Bin Collapsible Composter sports an open-ended design allowing entry of worms and microbes so they can work their magic, quickening the composting process. Its cylindrical build facilitates even heat distribution so decomposition occurs uniformly throughout the bin while the mesh walls increase aeration and thus oxygen flow to fuel the process. The unit is collapsible, with a spring-loaded make that ensures easy setting up and storage. The windproof lid keeps unwelcome intruders out while the study build and anchoring stakes keep it right where you want it. This model has a capacity of 75-gallons.
Users like this model because it is easy to set up, doesn’t emit odors, and occupies little space when in use and otherwise. Its large capacity is also commended, as well as the ease at which users can aerate, water, and clean. However, one prevalent issue is that the mesh sides enable rodents to nibble their way into the bin, creating a mess and rendering the unit unusable. Also, reviewers report that this model wears down quickly with use. The fabric stretches and since there isn’t any supporting structure, the bin tips over and can hardly be made to stand upright.
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Buying the Best Compost Bin

The Simplehuman Stainless Steel Compost Pail is obviously the best model of the three. This is attributed to its ergonomic design and superior pest and odor control. However, if you require a larger capacity and don’t mind the bulk, then the Bosmere K767 11 Cubic Foot Compost Bin is a good fit. May this review help you identify the best compost bin.

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