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Best Compost Tumbler Reviews

The best compost tumbler is solidly constructed and can speed up composting time significantly. Among the advantages of a compost tumbler as opposed to a compost bin is that the contents can be spun, mixing them up and speeding up decomposition. Also, compost tumblers are top loading and accessing, so they are 100% pest-proof and seal odors. Here are three compost tumblers for your consideration:


What is the Best Compost Tumbler to buy in 2017?

Compost Wizard Jr.

Good Ideas EZCJR-BLK 7-Cubic-Foot Compost Wizard Jr.

This sleek compost tumbler has a storage capacity of 7 cubic feet. The compost is black so not only can it stand inconspicuously outside, it also provides more heat for a greater rate of decomposition. As it is constructed from 98% industrial polyethylene, it is solid, durable and can withstand the elements. It is often difficult to spin a filled compost tumbler, but this one features recessed handles and a wheeled base, so turning the tumbler should be easy and almost effortless. Like all compost tumblers, it is top loading, so there are virtually no risks of your child or pet getting in.

Reviewers with positive feedback about this compost tumbler say it’s easy to spin and produces good compost for use in the garden. Moreover, it keeps pesky rodents and raccoons out and is also effective at containing smells. On the other hand, users reported that the quality of the plastic was poor as it could be chewed away by pests, leaving gaping holes that the content could spill out of. Also, the tumbler had a small capacity and was difficult to turn once it was full.

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Envirocycle Original Composter

Envirocycle Original Composter Black

This black compost tumbler is proudly made in the US, ensuring the highest standards of quality control. You’ll find that the composter comes readily assembled and is ready to use immediately upon purchase. The base of the tumbler has been specially designed to collect compost tea, an organic and powerful liquid fertilizer for plants. As it has been made with a high percentage of recycled plastic, this compost tumbler is environmentally safe in its function and construction.

This well designed and brilliantly executed tumbler comes highly recommended by most users. Of particular interest was the compost tea collection at the base, which was a welcome add-on. Moreover, the tumbler was easy to assemble and operate. The base enables easy and quick turning. Although some customers were not pleased with the performance of the product, these were minor and general complaints that did not detract from the positive reviews it received.

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Lifetime 60058 Compost Tumbler

Lifetime 60058 Compost Tumbler, Black, 80-Gallon

The hardware of this compost tumbler features a high density polyethylene plastic tumbler supported by powder-coated steel frame, so it is durable and of high quality. The compost tumbler has a capacity of up to 80 gallons and measures 10.72 cubic feet in volume. Furthermore, the double walled panels in the tumbler function to absorb and retain heat within the interior so that the compost contents can decompose faster. Simply turn the tumbler on its axis for balanced and even rotations.

This unit works great for most users, and those who are pleased with their purchase say that it is easy to use and to turn. The composting process is smooth from start to finish, as the tumbler could be loaded and unloaded easily and conveniently from the top. Assembly was a serious concern though, as most people found it a difficult and time-consuming process. Unfortunately, the product also arrived with missing pieces, which further hindered assembly.

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Buying the Best Compost Tumbler

Go for the Envirocycle Original Composter because it is a good compost tumbler that can be spun with ease and stores compost well while keeping out unwanted pests and rodents. The best compost tumbler is an important piece of equipment so whether you’re a novice or expert composter, consider investing in one for your organic household waste.

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