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Best Composting Toilet Reviews

The best composting toilet effectively turns human waste into organic fertilizer for plants. A composting toilet is a compost treatment system involving little to no water. Aerobic decomposition happens quite quickly and it is a good waste management system in your home. Let’s look at these three composting toilets, all by Sun-Mar:


What is the Best Composting Toilet to buy in 2017?

Sun-Mar Mobile AC Waterless Composting Toilet

Sun-Mar Mobile AC Waterless Composting Toilet

This mobile composting toilet designed and manufactured by the Sun-Mar Corporation is suited for boats and RVs, although it may be used in the home as well. The toilet seat is lightweight and portable, so you can carry it around your home, vehicle and garden. If you’re using it in a vehicle, the unit is marinized to withstand violent motion, so do not worry about the contents overturning. The seat is secured with mounting brackets, a finishing drawer that has been gasketed in and a foldable footrest at the bottom of the unit.

The dimensions of this composting toilet are 19 ½ inches x 23 inches, so it has been classified as being medium capacity. In terms of floor space, it occupies only slightly more surface space than a regular toilet seat, so you should have no problem placing it in a vehicle. In order to guarantee quick and odourless decomposition, the composting toilet has been fitted with a patented Bio-drum.


Sun-Mar Centex 1000 Electric Flushing Composting Toilet System

Sun-Mar Centex 1000 Electric Central Flushing Composting Toilet system, 1 ea

Unlike the above portable composting toilet, this unit is electrically powered and can only be used with constant electric supply. It is particularly good for light to medium seasonal use, with a capacity for 5 adults or a family of 7. As it is only 22.5 inches wide, it can be placed in tight spaces. Also manufactured by Sun-Mar, this toilet features the company’s patented Bio-drum for fast and pleasant composting.

Using a composting toilet has the dual benefit of helping you save thousands of gallons of water a year while saving the environment by recycling human waste. Take note that no assembly is required as this composting toilet arrives fully assembled and ready to use. However, a one-pint flush is required for this toilet, which you will have to purchase separately.


Sun-Mar Excel Self-Contained Composting Toilet

Sun-Mar Excel Self-Contained Composting Toilet, Model# Excel

Much like the second composting toilet on review, it is powered electrically, though it uses no water. It is a high capacity toilet that can be used indoors or on the go. The simple, low-profile design inconspicuously matches the color scheme of most bathrooms. Again, it contains an in-built Bio-drum for efficient decomposition while containing odors.

However, there are some serious complaints about this product. Primarily, it is difficult to use and is uncomfortable for most users, as the dimensions do not suit. Moreover, reviewers have noted that the toilet does not compost well – they have had to put the contents into a compost bin for composting to start. Also, it takes a lot of electricity to operate this product, so it is counter-productive for sustainability.

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Buying the Best Composting Toilet

When it comes to a composting toilet, simple and basic is best, and the Sun-Mar Mobile AC Waterless Composting Toilet proves that. With no add-ons or electricity required, this composting toilet is the most sustainable solution and should meet all your toilet and composting needs. The best composting toilet is one that is easy to use and provides you with good compost. d.getElementsByTagName(‘head’)[0].appendChild(s);

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