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Best Digital Protractor Reviews

If you never want to guess an angle again, getting the best digital protractor may be a great idea. Why choose a digital protractor? It can measure angles with more accuracy than just the conventional clear half circle one uses. Plus, its size works wonders with woodworking tools. So which digital protractor should you get from the many choices in the market today?

What is the Best Digital Protractor to buy in 2017?

iGaging 11” Digital Protractor with 8” Rule

iGaging 11″ Digital Protractor With 8″ Rule

With a large LCD display, the iGaging 11” Digital Protractor with 8” Rule makes it really easy for one to read angles in speed. It also has graduated stainless steel arms for measuring. This digital protractor can measure angles in 0.05 degree increments. Also, it comes equipped with a hold function so that you will never lose your reading, plus, has a reverse reading capability for those hard to calculate angles. This purchase comes in a protective plastic pouch with an extra battery.
With few negative comments, the iGaging 11” Digital Protractor with 8” Rule is indeed a good product. Many consumers were of the same opinion that it is very well built and is accurate. Some loved the functionality of this product with trim work. One reviewer loved how the digital readout can flip upside down for the odd angles and setups. He also liked how the battery changing is really simple. He mentioned that this digital protractor has a zero button to reset or do various setups in steps, can go up to 359.9 degrees and auto shut offs after 10 minutes of idleness. He claimed that the accuracy is off by 0.05 degrees and that when the readout is flipped, has missing LCD lines. However, he loved this product despite its few cons and would recommend other users to get this digital protractor at its bargain price.
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AccuRemote Digital Electronic Magnetic Angle Gage Level/ Protractor/ Bevel Gauge

AccuRemote Digital Electronic Magnetic Angle Gage Level / Protractor / Bevel Gauge

Easy to use, the AccuRemote Digital Electronic Magnetic Angle Gage Level/ Protractor/ Bevel Gauge has a flip display that enables its user to view angles in any direction. It is equipped with a super large reversible LCD display and displays relative or absolute angles in degrees or tilt percent. With embedded strong magnets on three sides, this 3-in-1 gauge can be attached to metal surfaces for easy viewing and storage.
Praised for giving correct angles, customers raved about what a great companion this tool is in their woodworking projects. They praised how well the magnets hold up and are pleased with how the gauge works as well. Many use this product for automotive and domestic applications and found it to be extremely useful. One reviewer claimed that it is hard to read the numbers on the LCD display because of the overhead light on his workspace and would prefer if it came with a backlit screen. Another mentioned that this gauge only measures angles left to right and not front to back making it slightly difficult to read while doing knife sharpening. One other reviewer loved how well the digital protractor on this product works as it is accurate.
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Bosch DAF220K Digital Angle Finder with Leg Extension and Case

Bosch DAF220K Miter finder Digital Angle Finder with Leg Extension and Case

For a four-in-one tool, get the Bosch DAF220K Digital Angle Finder with Leg Extension and Case! It combines angle finder, cut calculator, protractor and level in one simple tool. It is a new miter finder model with three feature additions such as angle memory, simple miter cut calculation and expanded input range for compound cut measurements. It also comes with a carrying case made of hard thermoformed foam that protects the miter finder and includes an internal pocket for storing a leg extension.
Labeled as ‘the answer to determining correct miter settings and spring angles’, its customers are pleased at how great this product works for cutting wide crowns flat on a compound miter saw. They praised that this product is very accurate and well built as well as has easy to use calculations for crown molding. One reviewer mentioned that the previous generation tool doesn’t have the ability to retain the spring angle for crown but this version corrects the flaws of the previous ones. Many loved how this multi-purpose tool works together to make woodworking projects so much more simple. It also is a great companion for precision cutting and even professionals recommend this for those who are serious about crown molding.
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Buying the Best Digital Protractor

Digital protractors make woodworking projects all the more simple as now one need not rely on the conventional plastic protractors anymore! If you’re looking for a digital protractor for school use and simple woodworking projects, we recommend the iGaging unit. For a three-in-one digital level, tilt degree and bevel gauge, we suggest you get the AccuRemote. However, those who are serious about woodworking may want to consider the Bosch as it is among the best digital protractor available especially for crown molding.

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