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Best Magnifying Light Reviews

The best magnifying light will help improve visibility with both lighting and magnifying capabilities. Whether you need a magnifying light to help poor vision or as a tool in precision work, it’s important to purchase one that’s right for you. Some things you’ll need to consider include the dioptre lens (the larger the curvature of the lens the greater the magnification), the focal view and the grade of light. Here are three magnifying lights you might consider:


What is the Best Magnifying Light to buy in 2017?

Ultra-Efficient 90 LED Magnifier Lamp

Ultra-Efficient 90 LED Magnifier Lamp – Adjustable Arm – 5″ Lens

This magnifying lamp features an adjustable arm and 5-inch lens. It’s a great 2-in-1 tool for professionals, hobbyists or just to have in the home. It also makes a great reading aid for the visually impaired. With the 5-inch optical-quality lens, you’ll be able to see print and objects at 225% their original size without difficulty. Moreover, the LED lamp produces eye-pleasing lighting on less than 6 watts and it can last 100,000 hours, making it an efficient and environmentally-conscious choice. The lamp has an automatic memory arm which adjusts the position of the device with a simple finger touch then holds it still. The swivel lamp head works three ways.

Users found this light to be a great combination, as it broadcasts very good light as a lamp and offers suitable magnification for their needs. The adjustable arm was malleable and easy to use, while the lamp remained stable on tables or desks. The magnification was perfect for coin users to crafters. On the other hand, a number of users reported that there was distortion in the center of the lens, which in turn disrupted their view.

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SE MC353W Table Magnifier Lamp 5X Fluorescent Light, White

SE MC353W Table Magnifier Lamp 5X Fluorescent Light, White

This clean, simple white magnifying lamp combines a simple design with extensive functionality. It can be used as a regular desk lamp and your eyes won’t get strained with the cool-running, eye-pleasing and efficient fluorescent lighting. Flip up the cover to expose a powerful, optical quality 3.5-inch glass magnifier lens offering 5 times the magnification. Consequently, this magnifying lamp is ideal for examining documents and photographs as it makes it easier to decipher and see fine prints. The compact lamp needs little space on your desk and with a flexible gooseneck, this magnifying lamp is completely adjustable to afford a comfortable viewing angle.

This little magnifying lamp packs a punch with its high performing lighting and magnification capabilities. The lamp can be adjusted until it is completely upright and it is firmly weighted on any work surface. The light is very bright and the magnification is extremely strong. However, many reviewers were unhappy with the quality of the product, stating it was poorly made. In some cases the product stopped working completely or broke within the first few uses.

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SE MC353B Table Magnifier Lamp

SE MC353B Table Magnifier Lamp 5X Fluorescent Light, Black

The 5x magnifying glass lens magnifies tiny objects to five times their original size. With its sturdy base and 12-inch flexible arm, this lamp is ideal for your desktop, table and workbench as is it easy and convenient to use. The flexible gooseneck design of the lamp will allow you to adjust the lamp to different heights and positions as you require. Moreover, the lamp does not emit harshly bright light, instead its light is cool-white that renders colors harmoniously to your eyes.

Overall, users were pleased with this light, using it for everything from embroidery to intricate model-painting. The lamp is placed unobtrusively on tables or desks and provides great lighting and magnification for minute tasks. However, one person was disappointed that the lamp kept tipping over, distracting him from his work. Also, customers were unhappy that the magnifying lens was not made of glass, though this did not detract from the general performance of the product.

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Buying the Best Magnifying Light

The SE MC353B Table Magnifier Lamp is a great choice if you’re looking for a magnifier lamp. It is a simply designed product which works well for hobbyists and craftspeople alike. The best magnifying light ultimately offers good lighting and magnification, highlighting those little details that normal vision can miss.

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