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Best Router Lift Reviews

Router lift presents a proper working surface to make the process of making wood work projects via routers easier and is a tool of great demand in woodworking shops. The device brought the required height adjustment and bit changing to ensure best results is achieved from the routing job. As such, below are some of the best router lifts in the market for customer consideration.


What is the Best Router Lift to buy in 2017?

Incra Mast-R-Lift-Ii Router Lift

INCRA Mast-R-Lift-II Router Lift

For instant ring changes and perfect ring fit, Incra Mast-R-Lift-Ii Router Lift is made with an exclusive INCRA MagnalLOCK reducing ring system. It can change router bit from the top of the table. The product comes with a total of five sealed ball bearings on the lift screw and cam lock. Its quick performance ensures superb precision and 0.001 inch height adjustment can be made from above. The 9-1/4 inch X 1-3/4 inch X 3/8 inch plate size of the router lift is compatible with all INCRA router table as well as those of other brands. The featured exclusive ball bearing mechanism of the router lift is set to ensure super smooth action and low friction. With its ultra-responsive and direct-drive 16 TPI lift screw mechanism, the patented thread tensioning system of the product eliminates vertical lash that may occur in the lift mechanism.
Users have commented that the router lift is well designed and can raise and lower in a smooth manner. Adjustment can be made to fit a vast number of routers without any additional parts and most of them have favorable impressions on its excellent performance. However, the product could have improved by enabling the dial on the lift itself to be zeroed. There is no easy way of attaching something such as a pulley to the screw that control the lifting, so having a few extra holes at the bottom of the screw will help.
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Bench Dog Tools 40-150 Prolift Router Adjustment System

Bench Dog Tools 40-150 ProLift Router Adjustment System

Equipped with bronze pre-load nut, Bench Dog Tools 40-150 Prolift Router Adjustment System prevents back driving due to vibration, thus eliminating the constant adjustment that is often required in other lifts. The direct drive lead screw featured in the product is fast acting and self-cleaning, so they will not get sloppy over time like belt, chains and gears. The weight of the router is supported by twin ball bearings whereas most other lifts are made of cheap sleeves for this function. The ultra-flat cast iron plate of the router lift is precision ground and is measured at 8-1/4 inch by 11-3/4 inch. It fits all Bench Dog router tables and plastic insert rings of various sizes are sold separately despite having one included in the original set. Adaptor for the product is sold separately.
Customers have found that the large height changes are smooth and quick when using the provided speed shaft. While some commented that it is solid with well-built design, others complained about its insert rings.
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Kreg Prs3000 Precision Router Table Lift

Kreg PRS3000 Precision Router Table Lift

Lift mounted to heavy gauge aluminum insert plate, Kreg Prs3000 Precision Router Table Lift featured micro adjust thumb wheel that eliminates the need for a crank handle. Rapid height adjustment is made easy via the spring-assisted lift wrench of the router lift. The product consists of 3 self-leveling, twist lock insert rings in 1 inch and 2-5/8 inch respectively, as well as a step ring. The reference scale can be adjusted by setting to zero from any bit position.
Users have found that the construction of the router lift solid as it is made with high grade aluminum and it is simple to operate. Due to its direct driven feature, it is great for the table bit changes. However, the height adjustment is difficult and the thumb wheel is stiff according to some users. Some have commented that it is too coarse to set the router any closer than approximately ½ inch to the desired setting. Others observed that the spring loaded lift wrench is somewhat different from the rest and hence there may be some learning curve in operating the router lift.
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Buying the Best Router Lift

Despite the fact that all the three router lift shares the common main features, each of them has their own unique advantages as well as drawbacks, prospective customers should probably inspect closely the many features in details before deciding on the best router lift for their project.

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