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Best Router Table Reviews

Router table provides a working surface for router mounting in a steady and secured condition for the woodwork project. The best router table should be effectively meeting a few requirements for user convenience. Here are some of the recommended router tables with plenty of features and options when considering the purchase of a brand new router table.


What is the Best Router Table to buy in 2017?

Bosch Ra1181 Benchtop Router Table

Bosch RA1181 Benchtop Router Table

Bosch Ra1181 Benchtop Router Table is compatible with most routers and it consists of 2 adjustable featherboards, dust collection port, dual outlet switch and 6-foot power cord. It also comes with an aluminum fence with MDF face plates and aluminum router mounting plate. Mounting hardware for a variety of routers is featured in the work surfaces of dimension 27 inches by 18 inches. Starter pin and guard for router curved workpieces are included as well besides the built-in cord wrap that gives convenient storage and portability. Attached to the fence and table, the easy-to-use featherboards are adjustable to fit a variety of work pieces.
Users have found that the aluminum cast of the product provides the required sturdiness and it does not sag from leaving a router mounted. However, some voiced disapproval about its power switch that is designed to turn on the equipment by lifting a plastic lever and shutting it off via the pressing down on the lever. It may be harder to switch off when the plastic lever is broken, in which the scenario will not prevent the switch from functioning. It is advisable that flatness is checked when getting this router table.
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Skil Ras900 Skil Router Table

SKIL RAS900 SKIL Router Table

Pre-assembled with an integrated accessory storage bag and a laminated MDF top, Skil Ras900 Skil Router Table comes with two containers that protect and store accessories with router table. A quick clamp system is included and the two featherboards are designed to aid the work pieces for more accurate routing. The featured bit height gauge will help improve the cuts accuracy and simplify the set-up whereas the start pin and guard provide support to the workpiece during the process of routing curved edges. The product is designed for router mounting with easy bit changes without needing any leveling. It has a quick-release router mount that attaches and detaches in mere seconds and fold efficiently with minimal setup required.
Most customers were impressed with its ease of setting up and works alright for occasional use. However, some noted that one have to look under the table to get the plunge router in due to the handles. Overall the stability and squaring of the fence could have been improved. The product does not take up too much space and is a good economical option since it folds up nicely with all the accessories fitted well into the cubbies in the legs.
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Bench Dog 40-001 Protop Contractor Benchtop Router Table

Bench Dog 40-001 ProTop Contractor Benchtop Router Table

With plastic top, Bench Dog 40-001 Protop Contractor Benchtop Router Table comes with an ample dimension of 16-by-22 inch. The featured clear acrylic insert is able to accept most routers including the ones for melamine cabinets. It comes with aluminum fence with T- slots and includes all necessary hardware as well as assembly instruction. Two-year warranty is given from the purchase of this router table. Designed to be durable with the needed versatility, stability and guidance for completing precision projects safely, flexible setup can be adjusted via the aluminum miter accessory track to accommodate the full range of router applications. The non-marring laminate is made of stress-skin construction for improved strength and flatness besides offering a large work area.
Customers have commented that the design and the construction are made of quality and solid materials whereas the assembly instructions are clear and easy to follow without hassles. It is heavy enough without having to clamp it on the table but sufficiently light for storage. The connection for a shop-vac works very well in eliminating some of the clean-up with plunge router. Some users recommended the pre-drilled insert when ordering the product to reduce hassle for those who lack the proper tools to drill the generic insert. However, some complained that the table is too low.
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Buying the Best Router Table

All the compared router tables featured good performance as well as easy setup for completion of woodwork project. Each of them has their own perks as well as drawbacks, so prospective customers ought to pay close attention to the features in details so that they get their best router table that fits their needs.

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