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Best Shaper Reviews

The best shaper makes heavier cuts and can handle larger runs of moldings than a regular router. Especially if you’re a professional woodworker, it is important to have both a shaper and a router as there are critical differences in how they function. Here are three shaper models for you:


What is the Best Shaper to buy in 2017?

Grizzly G1026 Shaper

Grizzly G1026 Shaper, 3-HP

This shaper is powered by a 3 H.P single phase 220V motor with a reversing switch. It comes with two adjustable speeds: 7000 and 10000 rotations per minute, so you can change the speed accordingly. With a precision-ground cast iron table, the shaper features impressive and solid hardware that can handle the demands of a jobsite. The dimensions of the table with a standard wing attached are 30 1/2 x 28 ¼ inches, while the floor to table height is 34 inches.

Not only does it come with a good fit and finish, the shaper also worked well on various projects. Users feel that they receive good value and utility from their machine. Also, they appreciated the solid and durable construction of the shaper, which came with a cast iron wheel. The shaper did not show signs of rust despite prolonged use. However, be aware that it does not have a dust collection port, so any work will involve a proliferation of debris and dust.

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Shop Fox W1702 Shaper

SHOP FOX W1702 3 HP Shaper

Like the above model, this shaper also comes with a 3 H.P motor. Furthermore, it includes a heavy duty miter gauge and has a spindle travel of 3 inches. The table height is 34 ¼ inches and the shaper is capable to cutting a maximum diameter of 5 ½ inches. Take note that the shaper accepts either ¼ inch or ½ router bit spindles.

Reviewers’ experiences have been positive so far. There were no problems setting up and using this product. The shaper runs well and is easy enough to operate. Furthermore, it does include a dust collection port, unlike the above shaper. On the other hand, there was concern about poor quality control, as the parts were not in good condition when they arrived or broke soon after purchase.

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Jet JWS-35X5-1 Wood Shaper

JET JWS-35X5-1 5HP 1Ph Wood Shaper

In contrast to the other two shapers, this model contains a powerful 5 H.P, 1Ph motor with magnetic controls. To ensure the highest quality of work, it can be adjusted to four different speeds: 4000, 6000, 8000 and 10000 rotations per minute. Therefore, you will be able to choose the optimum, speed and torque for different cutter diameters. The ground cast iron table measures 26 3/4 x 32 ¼ inches; it is generously dimensioned in order to create a durable and conducive work surface that can support larger and heavier projects.

For added safety and security, the two-speed spindle features a safety lock to prevent unauthorized access. In addition, the shaper comes predrilled for you to fix the power feeder into the machine. Last but not least, the poly-V belt boosts the power and performance of the tool by transferring maximum power to the spindle. Upon purchase, you’ll receive a brand new Jet shaper and starting pins, so minimum setup is required before you’re ready to start work with your new device.

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Buying the Best Shaper

A shaper is an important investment for professionals, and nothing tops the quality and performance of the Jet JWS-35X5-1 Wood Shaper. The best wood shaper is a reliable product in your workshop and should last for a number of years.

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