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Best Solar Generator Reviews

Solar generator harvest energy from the sun and converts it into electrical energy – solar generator reviews are highly sought after because people are becoming more environmental conscious. A solar generator consists of three parts that are the apparatus to collect solar energy, the apparatus to store the collected energy and inverters. Solar panels or photovoltaic cells are commonly used to collect solar energy while deep cycle batteries are used to store the charges. Although solar generators usually power a limited number of items, it is a great effort to not only be earth friendly but can reduce some home utility bills!

What is the Best Solar Generator to buy in 2017?

Offgridsolargenerators Portable Solar Generator Plug N Play 100 Watt Solar Panel

Offgridsolargenerators Portable Solar Generator Plug N Play 100 watt solar panel

This generator is powered by a 100 watt solar panel and comes with 30 feet of wires and a xantrex xpower 1500, making it very simple to setup. The Offgridsolargenerators Portable Solar Generator Plug N Play is suitable for areas far from grid power and for camping. The charge controller ensures that charges stored during the day does not discharge or leak out during the night. An additional battery power can be attached to the positive and negative bolts on the back of this solar generator. It also comes with a 60amp hour deep cycle battery to store the solar energy harvested from the sun.
As solar generators are not a popular purchase among consumers, customer feedback on these products is scarce. This solar generator has positive response from its customers as it is easy to set up and simple for use. A reviewer commented that this solar generator is reliable and easily expandable to increase the amount of stored charges. This generator is labeled as a wonderful addition as one begins to utilize solar energy to power portions of your home. After sales service was also commendable as the staff were very helpful and honest.
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MSG 800 800 Watt Portable Solar Generator

MSG 800 800W Portable Solar Generator

Built using only UL certified parts manufactured in the US, the MSG 800 is a solar generator you can trust. Encased in a plastic casing and telescoping handle, this solar generator is also very portable for you to use in your backyard or for camping. What’s best is that it is completely silent and it is great to bring along almost anywhere.
The MSG 800 comes equipped with a deep cycle 126 amp/hr battery bank and two 120V/6.7A outlets. This amount of energy is sufficient to power a 50 inches television for 8 hours, a radio for 137 hours or a refrigerator for 4 hours. The versatility that comes with this solar generator is that you can either harvest energy from the sun and you can also plug it into your wall during emergencies.


SunSocket Sun-Tracking Solar Generator

SunSocket Sun-Tracking Solar Generator

The SunSocket Sun-Tracking Solar Generator is the only portable solar generator in the world with its sun-tracking technology. Sun-tracking technology is a device that intelligently orients a payload such as photovoltaic panels toward the sun. The SunSocket generator is easy to use as no set up or assembly is required for its 60 Watt photovoltaic panels to start tracking the sun while powering an internal 250 Watt battery. This All-In-One portable solar generator comes with USB OUT sockets, 5V/1.1A max 12V DC OUT sockets, AC universal inverters and DC IN for wall charging. It is ideal for use as tailgates, camping, road trips and other outdoor activities.
Reviewers were excited for this portable solar power as it comes equipped with said sun tracking device. This cutting edge technology enables the solar panels to intelligently reposition itself for optimal solar energy absorption. On a sunny day this solar generator takes 5 hours to charge and 9 hours on a cloudy day. At a weight of just 25 pounds, users are delighted that it is easy to carry around as it folds up into a suitcase-like package. The USB ports available are also a huge fan favorite because it enables easy charging of mobile devices like iPads and smartphones.
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Buying the Best Solar Generator

Although solar powered generators do not seem like a favorite purchase among consumers, it may become an invaluable asset in the near future where our fossil fuels continue to diminish. Solar generators have much less power than that of conventional generators but in time, this should no longer be an issue of concern thanks to the pace in which technology is being reinvented. Choosing a solar generator among our three picks is a simple task in which you should identify how much output you require. We hope our solar generator reviews have helped you make that decision on which generator to purchase- every solar generator you buy helps promote sustainability for a better tomorrow.

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