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Best Solar Panel Reviews

The best solar panel generates electricity efficiently from a natural, powerful and free energy source: the sun. Photovoltaic (PV) panels produce electricity for the home or vehicle, so you can access energy on the go that is safe for the environment. Things you should consider before purchasing a solar panel include size, portability and budget. Here are three different panels on review:


What is the Best Solar Panel to buy in 2017?

Renogy PV Solar Panel

RENOGY 100 Watt 100w Monocrystalline Photovoltaic PV Solar Panel Module 12V Battery Charging

This panel, manufactured by the energy company Renogy, uses the highest quality components in its construction and includes Grade A solar cells. Therefore, it is a very efficient, durable and reliable product. The solar panel is expandable to suit series or parallel connection as it contains built-in mc4 connectors. The 100 watt monocrystalline solar panel is capable of charging a 12 volt battery. Moreover, it has a guaranteed positive tolerance, so it will definitely work in any conditions. In addition to these features, the solar panel also includes impressive hardware: the individual solar panels are mounted in heavy duty anodized extruded aluminium, known for its light weight and conductivity. For ease of installation, drainage and mounting holes are already included, which aid in excellent performance despite low light. The solar panel arrives ready for connection and use, primarily for transport and vehicle applications.

This product worked as well as might be expected, while managing to pack a few surprises as well. Although it is not designed to take in large current, it works well for smaller wattage. The product arrived well package and was easy to set up and install. It charges batteries quickly and does the job well. However, there appears to be some confusion over whether the panel is waterproof, with some customers claiming otherwise. Also, users noted that the instructions were not helpful for setting up and installing. Nonetheless, there is unanimous agreement that this is a great solar panel to own.

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Instapark Mono-crystalline Solar Panel with 12V Solar Charge Controller

Instapark® NEW All Black 5W Mono-crystalline Solar Panel with 12V Solar Charge Controller

This solar panel is a diesel generator substitute that is cleaner, quieter and greener. It is constructed of mono-crystalline solar cells, much like the above panel. The cells are embedded in a transparent vinyl acetate layer, with tempered glass and back sheet forming the exterior. Furthermore, this solar panel will be able to retain 80% of its original efficiency even after 25 years of use, so it will probably outlast your vehicle. Similar to the Renogy solar panel, this panel is designed to charge 12V batteries for RVs, boats and electronic equipment. An added bonus is that this solar panel includes a 5-year limited warranty for defects.

According to reviewers, this panel is up and running the moment it is plugged. It arrived well packaged and users noted the quality of its construction. Also, they were pleased that the solar panel worked even in cloudy conditions and that it charged 12V batteries quickly. On the other hand, there were consistent complaints about the quality of the charge controller, which did not send charges over efficiently. Users were disappointed that this component did not match the overall quality of the panel itself.

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Ramsond PV Solar Panel Module

Ramsond 100 Watt 100w W Monocrystalline Photovoltaic PV Solar Panel Module 12V Battery Charging

Resembling the Renogy solar panel, this product is also made of Grade A quality silicone gels of the highest integrity. Compared to other PV panels, this one offers up to 60% more strength due to the manufacturing process. The cells are encased within a heavy duty anodized extruded aluminium that is light weight yet durable. It has a maximum peak voltage of 18.5V and a maximum current of 5.41A.

Again, the panel arrived in great condition and was packaged well. Lots of positive comments were directed at the quality of construction and the size of the panel. The panel was big enough to be used for the home, with one user amassing a whole lot of these for his house, while it was nifty enough to be tucked in spaces within the vehicle. However, there were quality control issues as the product did not work occasionally and needed direct sunlight to work at optimum levels.

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Buying the Best Solar Panel

The Renogy PV Solar Panel is an ideal choice for people intending to go green. It is a great, long-term investment which should serve you well. In conclusion, the best solar panel harnesses green energy and should work as well, if not better than other energy devices out there.

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