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Best Winch Reviews

If you’re looking for the best winch for a little off-roading but does not cost you a small fortune, an 8000 lb electric winch is the way to go. They cost much less than an equivalent hydraulic, weighs much less and have the advantage of being a universal fit so they are easier to install or taken out. Furthermore, they are faster which is useful in cases where you might use the winch as an assist which may prevent the vehicle from getting stuck in the first place. The following are three examples of these winches and their reviews.

What is the Best Winch to buy in 2017?

Superwinch 1585202 LP8500 Winch Gen II 12 VDC 8500lbs/3856kg

Superwinch 1585202 LP8500 Winch Gen II 12 VDC 8500lbs/3856kg, steel hawse, handheld remote

The Superwinch LP8500 may have less horsepower than the competition (4.5 hp), but that doesn’t seem to bother the majority of reviewers. A 235:1 3 stage planetary gear set compensates for the smaller horsepower rating, but speed may be slightly compromised as a result. The winch comes provided with a 94 ft, 5/16 in. steel rope.
Reviews are generally very positive. Many have used it as a rescue or recovery winch, and they have found it to be reliable and tough. The winch also holds up incredibly well when exposed to the elements, though that is not advisable. There are some minor issues with wiring but none so bad as to merit a return. Having said that, Superwinch handles warranty and missing parts claim pretty well according to users.
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Smittybilt 97281 XRC-8 8,000 lbs Winch

Smittybilt 97281 XRC-8 8,000 lbs Winch

The XRC-8 is an 8000 lb winch with 5.5 horsepower and 172.8:1 planetary gearing, which means it’s no slouch; very good as an assist and recovery winch, or for hauling a boat. Full and detailed instructions for wiring and mounting are provided, which only a minority of users find complicated and confusing.
Big name performance at a fraction of the price is what reviewers are saying about the XRC-8. As usual with a cheaper alternative to something there are quirks in the product, the most common being the electrical of the remote control. However, most problems are either easily fixable by the users, or easily replaceable by Smittybilt. There are minor cases which involve missing pieces in the package, but again a call with the manufacturer solves the issue.
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Rugged Ridge 15100.01 8,500-Pound Winch with Steel Cables

Rugged Ridge 15100.01 8,500-Pound Winch with Steel Cable

It has a 172.8:1 planetary gear set for speed, and a 5.5 hp series wound motor for pulling power. Users appreciate the flexible placement of the solenoid box, and the unit also provides mounting for two off-road headlights.
The majority of reviewers give this winch thumbs up for reliability at an exceptionally affordable price. Some reviewers have had the winch working for several years with real world off-road abuse, and few others have their units broken after a few usage. The majority of users agree that installation is not very straightforward, so pre-planning the installation is recommended.
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Buying the Best Winch

All three models fare exceptionally well and are very similar in many aspects. There is no clear an answer as to which is the best winch. The Superwinch LP8500 is the lightest and potentially the most energy efficient thanks to its lower horsepower rating, and efficiency is what you need when your car is stalled and under water. While both the Smittybilt and Rugged Ridge proves to have exceptional price-to-performance ratio but also having more issues with wiring and mounting. Being the cheaper alternatives, all three exhibits minor problems that can be easily fixed but can also be just as easily overlooked by the less technically inclined. Summing it up, all three of these 8000 lb winches are a good buy in terms of product performance and after sales service.

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